The future of dentistry is digital and at Surrey Orthodontics Godalming we are at the forefront of this change.The ITERO scanner brings speed and reliability to our orthodontic treatments and removes the need for old fashioned and outdated impressions. The scanner creates fantastic visuals of your mouth in its current position and from this we are able to predict how your teeth will move during the treatment, showing you what it is possible to achieve.

iTero - Predictive Outcome Technology

We have state of the art dental equipment in order to ensure your visit is as effective and comfortable as possible. Our Digital Dentistry allows us to capture an incredibly accurate image of your mouth in order to help diagnosis, keep a record of your dental health and avoid any uncomfortable moulding.

Scanning and creation of digital records allows for convenient and transferable data which can be utilised in years to come – particularly for retention purposes.

Appliance fit, comfort, durability and effectiveness are all enhanced through digital applications.

With iTero we have the capability to offer “Predictive Treatment Scans” which can show you how your smile might look after orthodontic treatment and corrections. This is useful in the early stages of planning and allows patients and Dentists an opportunity to see what can be achieved before commitment to any lengthy and expensive treatment.

What our patients say

A wonderful experience. Always knew someone was a phone call away if I needed reassurance.