NHS funded orthodontic treatment is available for patients under the age of 18 years who meet certain criteria. Treatment for more minor problems or cosmetic reasons alone is not usually available on the NHS. If you do not qualify for NHS treatment - here at Surrey Orthodontics in Godalming we are able to offer treatment on a self-funded, private basis.

Importantly, to have an assessment to see if you will be treated under the NHS, you have to be referred to us via your normal general dentist. They have a specific process to pass your referral to us securely after which we will be in touch to arrange your initial assessment appointment.

Patients who do qualify for treatment under the NHS may be subject to a waiting list before treatment can start and as private treatment can often start straight away, many patients choose to explore options with us on a self-funded basis.

All of our treatments, both NHS and Private are carried out and supervised by experienced and qualified Orthodontists or dentists who have a special interest in orthodontics.


If you are referred to Surrey Orthodontics in Godalming, one of our highly qualified clinicians will carryout your NHS assessment, during the assessment we will also determine the best course of treatment for you. If you don’t meet the criteria for NHS treatment, we can use your assessment to determine if any alternative private treatment options would be suitable.

Please don’t be anxious about the assessment, it is not a test! There are no drills or injections, this appointment is purely our chance to look at your teeth and see what needs to be done to straighten them out. It is also your opportunity to ask us anything, we don’t bite!

If you are eligible for NHS orthodontic treatment there can be a long waiting list, if you would like treatment sooner we can discuss self-funded options with you.

Related Treatment

Occasionally it may be necessary to carry out some preparatory dental treatment such as extracting teeth before we start your orthodontic teeth straightening journey.

With over 30 years of experience in the area, we have a well-developed network of allied experienced dental and medical providers to whom we may refer on your behalf should this be required during your treatment. Common examples include oral surgeons (extractions of teeth/ wisdom teeth etc), periodontist (gum specialists), prosthodontics and restorative dentists. We work closely with your dentist in this regard and at every step of the way  

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